For more than a decade Monotech Systems Ltd has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high end, high performance and reliable products and solutions for printing and packaging industry.We are widely known for our expertise in developing, designing, and introducing incomparable range of printing machinery and allied products to the industry. Each of the products are designed by incorporating ultra- advanced printing technologies commensurate with the international standards.

The company is leading the industry for more than 20 years. Manufacturing & Distribution of Prepress, Press, Digital Printing and Print Finishing Equipment. The company has a Nationwide presence with offices at 18 locations. They have a combined 3d printers portfolio to address almost all prototyping and manufacturing applications from plastics to metals.

Monotech Systems Limited are authorized distributors and resellers of below principles.

1. 3D Systems– USA for their range of 3D Printers

2. Olivetti–France–FDM 3D Printers

3. W2P–DLP 3D printers

4. BigRep–For 1 Cubic Meter Bigger FDM 3D printers

For the past 3 years the company is dealing in Sales and Services of 3D printing with a very efficient Service Engineers.