Overview of 3D GRAPHY - Franchise

Are you a medical respondent?

Are you a Medical Hospital?

Are you a Dental Hospital?

Are you a Dental College?

Are you a Medical College?

Are you aspiring to start your own 3d printing Training & Medical Service Center.

Here is a great opportunity to start a 3D printing Medical Service Bureau with the 3D GRAPHY LAB franchise.

An initiative to improve and assist the end patients with the diagnosis and treatment with a great technology called 3D printing also known as Digital Manufacturing.

We understand the importance 3D Printing in the medical practice and also your investment, hence, our team will help and guide you with our expert consultancy in setting up your 3D Printing Medical Service bureau. Our approach is to understand your business and service to then offer the right 3D Printer machine, 3D Software, 3D Scanner, 3D Training Services, Human Resource with Designers to support the operation with our expertise to help you.

Our Approach

Our approach is to work as partners with the companies/ individuals to help them understand the potential of Digital Manufacturing also called 3D Printing technology in the medical services to benefit all.

Process :

  • 1. Individual Participants or company is shortlisted based on a criterion with a background check and their interest in running the franchise.
  • 2. Training and educational programs will be conducted for the franchise partners with sessions on 3D printing machines, scanning solution for updates of the technology used in medical procedures.
  • 3. We would offer content with course module for conducting their session for their students and professionals.
  • 4. In case of medical services will assist our Franchise Partners with the right reference of technology and solutions based on the actual requirement as a 3D printing consultant.

Our approach is to be a one point stop solution in 3D printing with the latest digital service which the technology has to offer in Medical services benefiting the 3D printing medical service providers (3D GRAPHY – Franchise Partners) the Dental colleges, Medical Colleges, Dental Hospitals, Multispecialty Hospitals, investors, entrepreneurs, Dental doctors, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthopedics Surgeons, Oncologist, Cancer Specialist, all the other specialists and the end user of the medical services who are again doctors and patients.

3D GRAPHY LAB is the first initiative started in the country with a concreted effort in medical space to create awareness and offer the medical digital solutions with both Training & Medical Service. Both training and medical services will help proliferate and will be useful for many medical practitioner in the country and will act as platform to be promoted world wide.

3D GRAPHY is a platform headquartered in India. As of now it has its key respondents in countries like USA, Israel, Austria, and Qatar. It has a vision to set up 3D GRAPHY LABS all across the Globe.

Our approach is also to build an good ecosystem with the franchises to increase employment, innovation, and research and development for the medical fraternity.

3D GRAPHY FRANCHISE - We have formulated 2 opportunities for participants interested

FRANCHISE TRAINER - Individuals can register as Franchise trainer. The participants will be trained and will be registered as our Associate members. The Franchise trainer are official trainers of 3D Graphy. The trainers will be offered sessions conducted at different Institutions and business franchise centres registered in the country. A remuneration will be accorded as per the session conducted for the training.

BUSINESS FRANCHISE CENTRE - The platform is a business venture for companies or proprietary firm who wish to get a franchise with 3D GRAPHY. Here the benefit is to start a Training Centre & Medical service centre registered either in the name of the individual ( proprietor) or a company. There are criterion to get a franchise and once accorded the company will be listed with us for active business.

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions a 3D Printing Consultant will be assist the company with the best options options and technology - 3D Printer Machine, 3D Software, 3D Scanners, Materials and other requisite for a proper set up expected from the relevant medical industry through the 3D GRAPHY - Business Franchise Centre.

For 3D GRAPHY – BUSINESS FRANCHISE CENTRE you may please fill in the below form and our team would get in touch with you soon.