W2P Engineering GmbH is an Austrian based company which develops and manufactures cutting-edge 3D printers of outstanding quality, performance and design with DLP technology. W2P’s motivation originates in the desire to create innovative, premium desktop DLP printers performing at the highest level. Technical expertise and many years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing are their key success factors.

SolFlex 3D printers are perfectly assembled with attention to detail for professional generative manufacturing. Every millimeter was designed, engineered, and built to the most exacting performance standards. Patented innovations like a feedback sensor and a specially developed vat system provide shorter production times and improve the quality of the printing process. The products offer freedom of choice in terms of materials, software and processes, so a maximum of flexibility is guaranteed. W2P´s high-precision 3D printers allow their clients - especially from the dental, audio, jewellery and industrial prototyping industry - to produce customized parts of very high precision with minimal waste and low costs of material. The range of photosensitive materials that can be used for 3D printing includes resins of various manufacturers and types, such as castable, transparent and biocompatible materials. The SolFlex 3D printer family consists of four compact desktop 3D printer models of different print volumes. In order to guarantee constantly high resolution, the printer with larger print volumes make use of a moving DLP. All printer models are designed to fit into every working environment and include a user-friendly interface. Depending on the production units and manufacturing needs, the SolFlex portfolio offers the suitable solution for each enterprise.

The company strongly focuses on research and development and provides their clients with newest technological achievements and professional services throughout the entire digital workflow across a broad range of applications. A competent network of partners enables an international distribution of SolFlex 3D printers and offers worldwide support to their customers.