TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS - They are key respondents who are direct manufacturer's of the products and services from India and globally. Products include 3D printer machines, 3D Scanners, Software, materials etc. As technology partners they represent their products directly. And there is a criteria of assessment of the companies to follow a procedure to be registered with 3D GRAPHY. As a procedure company will need to share with the management the technology they are offering. Once the assessment is done by the TMMS management the registration is offered. Further with the approval they will have to pay an Annual fee for a period of 1 years from the date of registration. The renewal can be done in mutual consensus after the first year of working.

The Annual fee will have entitlement with features and advantages associating as partner with 3D GRAPHY.

1. Your logo will be uploaded with the relevant title as TECHNOLOGY PARTNER in the official website of 3D GRAPHY.
2. Whenever there is a workshop conducted the brands gets notification from Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions to join with prior approval from the management at its discretion.
3. An opportunity for product promotion in the conference and workshop with sponsorship will be offered to 3D Graphy technology partners with a special exclusive discount.
4. Shall get to participate as a trainer in the training programmes if required as per 3D GRAPHY TRAINER schedule decided and confirmed in a sequence agreed by all as per availability and booking in advance.
5. The certificate will also include the logo of the brand with the title Technology Partner once selected for conducting the training program.
6. The company’s products and services will also be recommended to the 3D GRAPHY CENTRE - Institutional Partner/ Franchise Partner provided it suits their requirement with a competitive edge in the quality and price point offered. The approval will be at the discretion of the INSTITUTIONAL PARTNER / FRANCHISE PARTNER and TRINITY MEDIA & MARKETING SOLUTIONS with mutual consensus once found eligible with all the criteria met by the Technology partner.