Company Profile

Company Profile

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions (TMMS) is a Media & Marketing company as a consortium started in the year 2013 offering consultancy, Affiliate Marketing services, Media solutions, IP’s, Concepts with publication and events. We are a CRISIL rated agency. We identify new emerging technologies to proliferate it to a large audience through various media platforms designed through our media expertise. We also promote Contractual Sales & Promotions for tangible/intangible (concepts) products, New technologies, PR, Media tie-ups,B2B/ B2C Exhibitions, Conferences, Digital media and Intellectual Property.

TMMS acts as a Catalyst to be an end- to-end solution provider for Clients, Stakeholders, Partners in India and Globally. We also partner with Association and trade bodies to conceptualize events working in confluence to benefit the association and its members across categories and industry.

We have a sister concern company Trinity Hospitality & Infrastructure responsible for setting up 3D GRAPHY in Hospital and Medical institutions. We act as a 3D PRINTING CONSULTANT for setting up multiple services across sectors benefiting from the technology.

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions the parent company is into promoting CAD, CAM, Software, Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Internet of Things (IOT) , Robotics, 3D Printing and 4D Printing. We are majorly inclined to 3D Printing & CAD, CAM and have designed many platforms for dissemination and knowledge sharing to benefit from this technology.

We have created many platforms promoting the 3D printing technology and conducted event regularly for awareness with networking opportunities with experts participating in the events sharing knowledge about the potential of the technology.

3D PRINTING WORLD – Conference, Show - A conference with a show exhibiting the technology by companies with 3D printing machines, software, materials and new innovations. The first event was held on 9th & 10th October in 2015 in Mumbai at Nehru Centre and the next will be held on 3rd November 2018. The event is multidisciplinary with all the major sectors Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Automobile, Architecture, Construction, Design, Jewelry sessions representing expert to join. The details of the conference is in the website

3D PRINTING WORLD THINK BOARD – A roundtable meeting with thinkers, innovators, initiators and experts in the 3D Printing to share the insights of the latest development in technology with each industry in a Think Board relevant to the sector with the sector representatives.The details of the conference is in the website

3D PRINTING WORLD SCHOOL – A Training, Education and skill development program for Students and professionals from Schools, Medical College, Engineering College, Institutions, Hospitals, Corporate Houses, Educational Centre etc.

3D PRINTING WORLD TV - An Online TV sharing the insights of the technology through live and recorded visual coverage.

3D Printing World Business to Business Connect - A Platform made possible for connecting the users with service providers translating to business.

3D Printing World Community Club : A consortium of all the professionals and aspirants being a part of the Club to stay connected and be updated of the technology to then be benefited. The details of the conference is in the website

3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS - Recognising Excellence in 3D printing industry. The details of the conference is in the website

TRINITY 3D - Customization in 3D Printing Solution for ALL.

Trinity 3D is a part of the parent company Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions. We act as a CATALYST between the end user and the service providers in 3D Printing. The process is done by taking a brief from our clients to ensure the right solution is offered as per their business requirements working in confluence. This also ensures our commitment to be an end- to- end solution provider for the seeker. The solution includes reference of the right 3D Solution and offer Prototyping solutions with 3D printing. The Service is extended working with our 3D Printing World Community Club – Associate members offering service across sectors from Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Architecture, Automobile, engineering, Design, Fashion, Jewelry etc.

A consortium of leaders, experts from each sector, initiators, influencers, professionals, makers, consultants, researchers, 3D printing solution providers, Software cos, scanning companies, material cos, 3D printing machine manufacturers and technology cos.

The participants also include professionals from different sectors who are end users of the service and who should benefit from the technology - Doctors, Surgeons, Scientist, Engineers, Architects, Construction cos, Researchers, Makers, Auto Designers, Fashion Designers, Artists, Product Designers, Manufacturers, Start-up, Academicians, Students, Consultants, Software companies, 3D printer manufacturers, Material companies, 3D printing service bureau, Design Institutes, Research institutes